Wys Solicitors is a law firm that specializes in legal advisory and consulting service to the constantly evolving gaming and gambling industry in Africa.

Our firm is poised to meet the needs of the emerging and dynamic gaming & gambling industry comprising of sports betting, lottery, casino, consumer sales promotion initiatives and other gaming activities in the retail and online space.

We focus on understanding our clients’ need and offer bespoke yet dynamic solutions; our mandate is to provide customized legal and administrative support that ensures clients are positioned to succeed.

With the myriad regulatory, technical and commercial requirements of a rapidly evolving gaming & gambling industry, we provide a partnership that simplifies, identifies and defines our clients’ obligations to the laws of respective jurisdiction at every level of government.

Our knowledge & expertise in regulation provides clients with timely opinions, options and strategies to navigate the complexities of the gaming industry and ensure a winning outcome.

WYS Solicitors has access to policy makers and maintains relation with regulators in the gaming industry which guarantees top-notch legal advise to clients and ensures the growth and sustainability of clients’ business.

Our offer of partnership extends to regulators, government agencies, operators and investors, service providers and suppliers across the gaming & gambling spectrum.

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    Guide clients through licensing and regulatory framework with relevant gaming authorities.

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    Representation in interaction and dealings with regulatory agencies.

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    Advisory on compliance matters with gaming licence requirements across various jurisdiction.

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    Negotiation & review of operating and service agreements with third parties.

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    Review operational policies to ensure compliance with regulatory and taxation requirement of various jurisdictions.

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    Advise on ancillary matters affecting operation such as financial regulation, taxation, and employment law.

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    Protection of intellectual property- trademarks, copyrights- of gaming products and services.

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    Conducting impact assessment study for policy makers and regulators on gaming and gambling industry.

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    Conduct feasibility studies and provide guidance for entry into new markets and jurisdictions.

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    Provide bespoke and affordable legal support services for Micro, Small and Medium business enterprises (MSMEs) in emerging markets.

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    Provide opinions and review policies to ensure interest of all stakeholders is considered.

Our Team

Our firm comprise of partners and associates with experience and expertise in areas of regulation, compliance, government relation, taxation, corporate governance, and personnel management.

The firm is led by a pioneer and former regulator in the leading regulatory agency in Nigeria and continues to contribute passionately to the development of the gaming & gambling industry in Africa.

120 Projects

Since Our Inception in January 2015



The Gaming Industry

WYS Solicitor is the foremost specialist firm in the gaming industry with clients across all spheres of gaming- lottery, betting, Casino, land based and online. We offer incomparable experience, expertise and knowledge of the commercial and regulatory dynamics of the gaming industry. We understand the commercials of gaming and gambling as well as the Laws.


Corporate Practice

WYS Solicitors partners with clients to ensure they remain globally competitive and compliant with relevant industry best practice and develop a culture of corporate governance. We provide practical, solutions- oriented and flexible advice, opinion and reviews on important issues affecting business entities.


Company Secretarial & Administrative Services

We provide legal advisory and administrative assistance to business entities- start up, small to medium companies in the gaming industry and other sectors. Our service range from basic statutory compliance to advisory on company law .


Regulatory & Compliance

We understand the legal, regulatory and operational issues of the gaming industry in various jurisdictions; and provide advisory services that enable clients navigate complex business regulatory landscape. Our watchword is best practice and compliance with industry specific and general regulatory obligations.


Government Advisory

We consult for government in various jurisdictions on implementing appropriate regulatory controls, creating conducive gaming market, policy development and legislative drafting for enhanced gaming environment.


Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise

Our services extend beyond the gaming industry to include Micro, Small, Medium enterprises as well as budding entrepreneurs. We offer legal, secretarial and administrative support to budding businesses.


Are you in need of legal advice?

Our services extend beyond the GAMING INDUSTRY to include Micro, Small, Medium enterprises as well as budding entrepreneurs. We offer legal, secretarial and administrative support to budding businesses.

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